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There's Smoke in the Middle of the Ocean

the weird girl writing poems in the corner
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Some quick facts:

~I'm a Jack Of All Arts -- involved in too many mediums to specify.
~I have a random sense of humor. What confuses most people, I find hilarious.
~I find beauty in almost everything, ESPECIALLY the strange and/or macabre.
~I brood.
~I research and study academic topics for no other reason than insatiable curiosity. The technical term for this is "autodidact." The layman's term is "giant nerd."
~I want to be a tree or a mermaid or a rock star. Unfortunately, I'll need a dayjob.
~I have a glasses fetish. Seriously, slap a pair of glasses on a dude and watch me pounce. (It doesn't work with girls -- sorry ladies.)

Most of my entries are friends-only or otherwise restricted. I'm not snobby, just cautious. Feel free to add me and I'll add you back.

my pet!